HUMILIATION CUCK- The humiliation cuck and his wife are usually heavy into D/s (Dominance and submission).  There are usually a combination of cuck traits in this type of man as well.  The cuck is can be very much the slave of the his wife/mistress and he might exhibit traits that include - chastity, sissy, and bi-cuck.  This type of man thrives on his submission and service to his dominant partner.  One of his goals is to make sure his wife is happy under almost any circumstances.  Heavy humiliation is NOT for everyone and should be something worked into, like anything in the D/s lifestyle.

This type of cuck loves it when the wife or girlfriend calls him names and shames him while her and her lover are having sex, perhaps in your marital bed! For even more intensely wicked humiliation the wife's lover joins in on the name calling and begins claiming the wife as his own from here on out.  The wife relishes the fact that she can completely flaunt her dominance and her desire to cuckold her husband and have sex with other men.  She may be relentless in her dominance and humiliation, driving her husband deep into sub-space brought on the the mental humiliation of having an adulterous wife and having it flaunted in his face. He may have normal sexual relations with his wife part of the time, or he may accept that his wife has chosen another man to replace him completely in her sexual bed, at least for some period of time (the latter is more fantasy than truth, mostly).

Sometimes, and I think rarely, at this level of play the cuck may be in semi-permanent chastity and be denied any sort of orgasm aside from a prostate milking for long periods of time.  Others may be put on a strict orgasm schedule as defined by the dominant wife which would vary from couple to couple - once or twice a week, twice a month, once a quarter...etc. 

Humiliation cuckoldry at this level is for extremely secure, loving (in there own way) and open minded people.  The couple should have a strong vanilla and D/s relationship in place and have built a foundation of play that both are comfortable with.  This is for advanced cuckold couples only, anyone else might get their feelings hurt...and not in the 'good' kind of way!  Many times the couple lives a cuckold lifestyle where this type of "play" is lived out on a daily basis.